Saturday, 15 November 2008

How very dare you

Radio 4 reports today in a news piece that according to "Ma Broon", George Osborne is guilty of "talking sterling down"? Pot calling kettle black? I am no fan of the formulaic Tory economic policies reworked decade after decade but at least George's team did not preside over this inchoate economic downturn that if left to it's own natural course would have undoubtedly resulted in a "crash" to dwarf anything before, and according to those in the know, is still to reveal itself in it's size and potential for disaster.

On this subject, I do enjoy speculating as to just what would have happened if the Friedmanite free market policies, that Labour should hang it's head in shame for following, had been left to reach their natural conclusion. No additional taxpayers (or borrowed) money thrown at profligate bankers, no rescue plans, no prop for the smug self congratulatory discredited collapsing capitalist experiment. An experiment that was always as laughably lacking in viability as the now discredited Communist experiments of 20th century. Perhaps there is a streak of post apocalyptic survivalist in me, but I fear we may have missed a unique opportunity to rebuild a civic society and economy not centred on fanatical avarice benefiting the few, but for the benefit of all.

So we cannot talk about the plummet of our beloved sterling for fear of devaluing it? To extend this logic to it's natural conclusion is absurd, at least we can count on an injection of common sense in this "though shalt not speak it's name" madness: "Will Hutton, of the Work Foundation, and Conservative MP Michael Fallon, who is a member of the Commons' Treasury select committee, said it was clear the pound had fallen and there was no point in keeping silent about it."

Politics are life, and no politician should dictate to us what we can and cannot discuss, whether you are the Shadow Chancellor or Joe the Plumber. Climb the political barricades and proclaim the "emperor has no clothes!" if that's how you see it, i'll be right beside you!

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