Monday, 17 November 2008

Infantilised, shopping and celebrity obsessed numpties

That'll be the bulk of the unwashed Great Brutish Public then.

Try discussing an abstract concept with a tea biscuit, you might then get an idea of the uphill struggle our politicians and the fourth estate have in stimulating debate around politics with an average member of the GBP.

At this point it's probably timely to remind you that the GBP non-voting classes are the majority, alas this is not some utopian democracy we inhabit where the duties of citizenship are taken seriously. If only! But we cannot count on their reliability to not vote, I fear they can and will be motivated to break the habits of a lifetime on certain issues, and in particular emotive big issues such as abortion, the death penalty and nationalism...

This brings me on to my itch: How can we trust the non-voting GBP to make important decisions, in hypothetically speaking say referenda for example? And why would any sane individual dedicated to public service (okay that's unlikely to apply to most MSPs, but run with me) put the future of a country in the hands of "Infantilised, shopping and celebrity obsessed numpties"?

Just a thought; National conversation - Don't you require a vocabulary and basic cognitive processes to conduct a conversation?

I say let's just try and save what's left of our democracy before lowest the common denominators regress us all to the primordial ooze from whence we came; insist that politicians do their job and say no to referendums

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