Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Kidney for sale

Quote from Wikipedia:

"In 2006, Iran became the only country to legally allow individuals to sell their kidneys, and the market price is of the order of US$2,000 to US$4,000. The Economist and the Ayn Rand Institute approved and advocated a legal market elsewhere. They argued that if 0.06% of Americans between 19 and 65 were to sell one kidney, the national waiting list would disappear (which, the Economist wrote, happened in Iran). The Economist argued that donating kidneys is no more risky than surrogate motherhood, which can be done legally for pay in most countries."

Now this makes sense to me, and is surely a better way of solving the organ shortage problem. It's considerably cheaper than 12 months of renal dialysis. The NHS should pay us for our donations, I suspect there would be a much larger donor register and vastly reduced waiting lists if they did.

If it is a fatality that results in the donation, perhaps the payment could be made towards inheritance/funeral costs or a charity of your choice - hold that thought, a charity? Maybe they could just withdraw the money from the NHS cash machine and burn it...

Anybody for one of my livers?


  1. I am 52 years old and in good health and am type O+ and would love to sell a kidney. I would accept a monetary gift and would need all medicasl bills paid for and also any hotel and travel charges paid for as well. I live in Florida U.S.A. My email is pmihaljevic@cfl.rr.com Please only serious respond. I would use the money to pay off my home and take care of my family. God Bless.

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