Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Magic and superstition

I am not a football fan but, as I always say when asked about last nights mind numbing TV in casual conversations "I may not be a fan of popular cultchur but I am aware of it"; I am aware of football and the grip it holds over a significant percentage of the population. This popularity is even more of a conundrum when you consider how lamentable our football team(s) seem to be although I'm on dangerous ground with that observation and acknowledge that I'm not exactly talking from a position of authority.

I tripped over the Football For All website the other day and was reminded of just how deep bigotry runs in Scottish society. The website appears to be an attempt to stamp out bigotry in football, its mission statement being
"Kick-out Bigotry is Scottish football's united campaign against sectarianism. It's time to blow the whistle on the religious bigotry, sectarian attitudes and behaviour that tarnish our national sport"
although quite how a website is going to achieve this laudable aim is beyond me I do wish them luck.

I fear the "my gang not your gang" morons that ally themselves with a particular football team based on the subliminal influence of their supernatural magic worshipping inheritances are no more likely to pay heed to this campaign than vote, read a newspaper other than a tabloid or avoid deep fried food.

Unfortunately bigotry in Scotland is not the sole preserve of the knuckle dragging classes, as was ably demonstrated by a prominent Scottish QC a few years ago.

The fourth estate is also not immune from the spectre of religious bigotry, as was brought to my attention recently. Even PPA award winning feature writers for Scotland's leading political publication (whatever that means) are happy to express some pretty extreme opinions online. The post below was made on a pro IRA thread within the now closed libertyforum.org discussion forum last year by just such an individual:

What incenses me about this is that he is an Australian passport holder, albeit a member of the Irish diaspora, employed in Scotland on a work permit. A man who makes value judgements on the basis of "Taig or a Prod?" and happily participates in the folly that is the infighting within the Christian gang that has so damaged Scotland and Ireland. We have enough nutters in Scotland contributing to this seemingly insoluble problem without importing an Aussie with a skewed and romanticised take on the Irish/Catholic cause, and a privileged position in the media, how dare he?

Oh yeah who am I to comment on this? A peace loving atheist Scot with Irish, Scottish and English heritage and proud of it.

The best part is, his specialist portfolio: Justice

"There is no justice, just us"


  1. I bet the good people of Ireland may like to know his name , bet he lives in that fantasy world of `im from Irish descendents ` so i can sympathise .
    Justice is needed send him home.

  2. Whoa, a comment! Thanks, but I think I should allow him to remain nameless, although shouldn't be too hard to work out.