Sunday, 16 November 2008

This is Scotland, that is Engerland - and we are different

Just caught Neil Oliver trailing his "A History of Scotland" series on BBC Scotland a few minutes ago, in which he spits out the "we are different" quote I use for the title of this rant. The series so far hangs together quite well and Neil acquits himself well, despite his slightly alarming delivery.

But really, how are we different?

We have the hills and lochs, urban deprivation, the highest murder rates in Western Europe, and we have the wee parliament in which "members motions" differ little whether they are verbal utterances or the content of the toilet bowl after a Chicken Tikka Masala and a bottle of Buckie (see to get an idea of just how bad it's got).

The recent (antepartum economic implosion) comparisons of Scotland to the Scandinavian countries, Eire and then the unforgivable and insulting lumping in of "Iceland" to the group of countries to whom we should aspire ably demonstrates our lack of any clear national identity, and from an SNP administration too, tut tut! "Wha's like us?" anybody that is doing well in the eyes of Wee Eck and his bankers at any particular moment in time, even a country with a population smaller than Edinburgh and national debt beyond the dreams of avarice, with only fish and geothermal energy to back it.

Labour fair little better, blindly toeing the Westminster and national party line irrespective of how unpopular Ma Broon's gang is.

What's a Scottish voter to do? Really, what do I do? Represented by unrepresentative representatives, who cannot even agree amongst themselves what it is to be Scottish, despite picking up an unrepresentative salary for doing just that.


Guess I could take part in the Homecoming 2009 fiasco if I did... Cos that's gonnae sort out our identity crisis, innit?

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