Friday, 14 November 2008


Timing is everything, as the luvvies would have us all believe. In that case I'm destined to fail I guess; just as everybody tires of blogging and scrabbles to jump the good ship blog and swim off to the latest socialinteractionwebtwopointzerofashion website, I get a blog.

Cue internal dialogue:

OK why blog?

It is a futile version of the scrawl on the wall isn't it?

That may be true, but I woke this morning with an itch that needed scratching, and scratch I will

Politics, politicians, civic society, environ-MENTALISTS, inequality, political corruption, toady journos, public sector jobs for the boys, technophobes, creationists, pseudo-scientists and Holyrood hypocrites beware, this itch is overwhelming me...

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