Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 in retrospect - The best and worst

I thought I would try a 2008 retrospective, this is by no means a comprehensive list I am after all new to this blogging thing - so for what it's worth here's what comes to mind, and remember it's only my opinion, a random stream of consciousness, and if challenged I will not stand by any of these assertions:

Most accident prone politician:
Winner: Blunder Woman - Jacqui Smith; the woman who lost everything, and threatens to take every liberty we enjoy
Runner up: David Cameron; who wants us to entrust our country to him, but can't even look after his own possessions - namely attach his bicycle to, well - anything

Most terrifying political wannabe:

Winner: Sarah Palin; the thought of this gun totin, folksy, 'mavericky', right wing religious nutter taking control of anything larger than a BB gun terrified me for months
Runner up: Tina Fey; the Saturday Night Live comedian and impressionist for her astonishing potrayal of Sarah Palin, which in no small part helped the voters of the USA see Sarah Palin for what she was - and made us all smile at the same time

Worst song of the year:
Winner: The Ting Ting's 'That's Not My Name', a song that won by far - easily the most annoying and persistant plastic pop song in decades
Runner up: Anything by Scouting for Girls

Best album of the year:

Winner: Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
Runner up: Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Honourable mention: Glasvegas - Glasvegas

Biggest waste of money:
Winner: All unaccountable Quangos/NDPB/Agencies
Runner up: The expenses and bonuses of elected (and unelected) officials and public office holders
Honourable mention: The Princess Diana inquiry

Best Blogger:
Winner: Tom Paine, The Last Ditch - a thoughtful and insightful blog that undoubtedly benefits from the analytical objectivity only an ex-pat can employ
Runner up: The Devil's Kitchen - a terrifying blog that covers an astonishing range of subjects with an informed passion and a rage against the machine that leaves me in awe, and to be honest feeling a little inadequate
Honourable mentions: Old Holborn, Ideas of Civilisation, AMW - thanks...

Worst technological advances:
Winner: Micrsoft Windoze Vista, and Server 2008 - and the missing 2008 SP2, like that would help polish a turd...
Runner up: Despite my love of OSS and Apple hardware the Apple iPhone - "all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone" - yea except Flash and Java (so says the Advertising Standards Authority), and how shit is touch screen?


  1. Hope you had a good new year Clara

    "Most terrifying political wannabe:
    Winner: Sarah Palin; the thought of this gun totin, folksy, 'mavericky', right wing religious nutter taking control of anything larger than a BB gun terrified me for months"

    Well said, i remember this woman saying she was the right person for vice president because her state (Alaska) was only a matter of miles away from Russia!! Why she said that i don't know but it shows the hawk that she really is.

    Some say she will be back in 4 years time ? heaven help us all indeed if this nut case gets her hands on anything bigger than a BB gun (or water pisto!!

    Thanks for naming me in your Honourable mentions, much appreciated..!!!

  2. Ah...Sarahphobia. We'd NEVER want a woman who hunts, believes in God, is still in her first marriage, and speaks her mind. And of course we could never have a woman whose achievements dwarf our own, who actually gets things done and does her job and has an 80%+ approval rating from the people she works for (stupid Alaskans). Who does she think she is, anyway? No, not someone without the pedigree of a Caroline Kennedy (a lady of REAL accomplishments whom liberals idolize...though for the life of me I still don't know what the hell she's done besides be born to a President and look pretty when she does come out in public), or someone who didn't have everything handed to her on a silver platter, but had to work hard and fight for where she's gotten. Yea...Sarah Palin scares me too.

  3. A woman who believes the world is 4000 years old? And some ghost in the sky - yeah that's who we need with their finger on the button - an elitist, ignorant, fundamentalist Christian who knows nothing of the world outside the USA mainland...

    Hally fuckin' lewyah