Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Anti-society virus warning!

I was recently faced with a PC system, belonging to a friend, that was misbehaving. Despite having taken the ill advised precaution of installing two anti-virus packages, her partner decided to respond positively to a pop-up window suggesting the PC may have a virus and that he should download another, better, free anti-virus program, the originally named XPAntivirus.

The so called anti-virus program actually contained a payload combining a choice selection of Malware; that is malicious software designed to steal personal details, drive traffic to commercial websites and increase your PCs susceptibility to further compromise - I guess you could say dumbing down your PC and influencing it's behaviour to meet the ends of the programmer. Malware is often coded to stay below the anti-virus scanner horizon, whilst wreaking damage that is as bad, or worse, than that inflicted by most viruses.

Good anti-virus software is analogous to the role of the press in a free democracy - informing us of threats, compromises, one thing disguised as another - allowing us to interpret and deal with these, whether real or perceived; however as I digest the infuriating diet of regurgitated press releases, speculation, conjecture and vanity offered to us daily by the British press I've come to the inevitable conclusion that they have more in common with the aforementioned XPAntivirus malware.

Has anybody got a good removal program?

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