Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Break from blogging

You have may noticed I failed to post anything for a couple of days, it's not that there is nothing happening - just the complexities of life happening to me!

So in order to fill the gap, and give you an indication of what has taken my interest, I would like to catch up by venting my spleen over:
the insane Damian Green affair and it's handling by an incompetent administration, the build up to the pointless Queens speech - wheeled out by the BBC as an affirmation of a positive democratic tradition, the waste of resources and time spend in compiling what will be the most ignored publication in Scottish history - The Calman Commission interim report, Jacqui Smith's absurd proposals to solve sex trafficking...
Yes I know it's just a rant, but thought I'd check the neurons are still firing. I refer you to the blogosphere for informed comment on all of the above and more...

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