Sunday, 14 December 2008

Defective defection

Okay I know that I am pretty cynical about most things, but the story regarding the defection of Colin Deans from the SNP to Labour has left me bemused...

Fellow Scottish bloggers Indygal and AMW both come to the same conclusion, for different reasons, that this defection heralds the demise of Labour, whilst Scottish Unionist is concerned over the arrival of Councillor Deans and his controversial views to the Labour Party. On the other hand most Scottish Labour commentators assert his defection is a good thing, and a sign of happier times to come.

I think we are all missing one fundamental point here; if you stand as a party candidate in an election you should accept that, if elected, it is on the understanding that you are the representative of that party - for better or worse. There are few politicians charismatic or compelling enough to transcend their party membership - particularly in local politics and I seriously doubt Colin Deans is of that ilk.

Both parties involved should be advocating a local by-election, and Colin Deans should resign to accommodate, simple as that...

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