Thursday, 4 December 2008

Goodbye, au revoir, arrivederci, adios

Having just heard the news that the Herald and Times group have made 250 employees of The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times redundant, and in an insulting twist have invited them to re-apply for 210 vacancies, I feel I have to comment:
I apologise wholeheartedly for my criticism of the press, it may be in some small way I have contributed to the decline in print media consumption by the Scottish population

It makes complete sense for three titles owned by one company to be printed on separate horse driven Gutenberg presses each approximately 53.74563 miles apart. The papers then delivered daily by blind orphans on their way to the workhouse

I understand that the company standing "Canute like" facing the tide of technological advancement whilst screeching into the onshore gale; "we will not invest in our online presence - It's the power of Christ. The power of Christ compels you" is a postive example of embracing the reality of new media
Things move on, and the Herald group, much as I respect many of their journalists (Paul Hutcheon being one worthy of particular mention), are the old media - an important part of my life, gone now, which one day I will tell my grandchildren about much to their disbelief; 'you read what, printed on paper you wrapped a fish supper in? No way!'

I suspect there will be many more losses in the inevitable modernisation of the Scottish press over the next few years, and I do confess to a little schadenfreude - some of them had it coming!

A brave new future requires a little imagination, and a lot of perspiration - something the Herald group lack in bucketloads.

As Emily Bell so eloquently put it "nurture your geeks"...

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