Monday, 22 December 2008

Highway to Hell

It's not often that two of my passions come together in such a perfect way, but news reaches me of Christine Grahame MSP's motion calling for the achievements of AC/DC to be acknowledged.

Now I don't quite know what difference a motion in the Scottish Parliament will make to AC/DC, but having watched bemused Crap Holyrood Chat's ever growing list of pointless motions in the greatest "Wee Parliament", I suspect very little.

Angus and Malcolm Young's family emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1963 (aged 8 and 10 respectively). Bon Scott's family emigrated when he 6 years old. The band was formed in 1973, and they went on to stupendous success characterised in the early years by Bon Scott's powerful vocals, original driving guitar riffs and Angus's wild head banging SG lead guitar style - not to mention legendary stage antics. The band members readily acknowledged their Scottish roots and even recorded a cover of a traditional Scottish song in 1976. To say this proposed recognition is belated is a bit of an understatement, even Melbourne named a street after the band in 2004 - the aptly named ACDC Lane.

Christine Grahame is way off the mark if she thinks that a motion in the Scottish Parliament will make one iota of a difference to a group of anarchistic rock musicians, even the memorial to Bon Scott in Kirriemuir is pretty questionable - particularly given his legendary sociopathic tendencies and ultimate demise through alcoholic poisoning, although he was quite stereotypically Scottish I guess.

Smells a bit like another attempt at self-aggrandisement by association with the famous to me.

It's not big, it's not clever and I doubt if it is really a good use of parliamentary time Christine, go and carve yourself a reputation for outstanding achievement rather than vicariously...

Or buy their albums, that's how I marked my appreciation; and a much more sincere mark of appreciation it is methinks.

Rock on!


  1. what a prick this blogger is. ACDC deserve this and much more and your "little Englander" comments do more for the natonalist cause than anything the SNP could ever say or do. Well done

  2. Thank you, to be insulted as such is something I consider a compliment...
    You do understand it is just a motion by an MSP? It doesn't actually endow anything nor require any effort...

  3. What a prick anonymous is - btw what is the "natonlist" cause?