Monday, 29 December 2008

How to stop getting stung...

Stop whacking the wasps nest!

My response to Iain Dale's post of this morning in support of the Israeli position in the burgeoning Israel/Gaza standoff.

No surprise the Palestinians feel hard done by then?


  1. The Jewish Agency and individuals bought much of the "Palestinian Land" you show in 1947. Of course some Arabs were displaced but I suggest you wise up on the actual truth not the nonsense you portray here.

  2. Anon, thanks for your comment. I think you neatly summed up the problem that anybody faces in resolving this conflict. Israel is a bully and Hamas are cowards; however the Palestinian people will support anybody that promises to reverse the loss of their country, which is what has happened - irrespective of the mechanism employed to acquire it...

  3. If Israel could just find it within it's self to actually treat the Palestinians as human beings, we might see the beginnings of change in this conflict.
    Imagine if the British had bulldozed houses in Londonderry, or killed the Irish defence minister in his offices in Dublin, where we would be in Northern Ireland now?
    It was probably the one saving grace of our involvement in the Irish troubles that we regarded the IRA, UDA et al as human beings.

  4. Bill, thanks - you are absolutely correct, however in this debate we find ourselves in that bizarre world where if we criticise Israel we are painted as anti-semitic. Arbitrated negotiation is the only solution, Israel cannot be allowed to continue to kill civilians equally neither can Hamas. The insane Israeli's have to be told unequivocally that a military build up/strike is not the solution, as you quite rightly point out their lack of respect for their Arab neighbours is reflected right back at them by other Arab states - why can't they see that?

  5. Nice site Polaris. But the Palestinians have always thrown their lot in with the wrong crowd. with Sadam Hussien and Yasser Arafat who had no problem setting up children as suicide bombers while his own children were swanning around the streets of Paris and Vienna on their latest shopping spree.

    As for the analogy between Northern Ireland and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that couldn't be further from the truth. Us Irish and our Government never supported the IRA terrorist scum and always sought a peaceful agreement with the British. Hamas was elected by the Palestinians now they have to deal with that.

  6. @ Damo

    Thanks, blogging is lonely - but you've got to get it off your chest, and I couldn't finad any other way.
    I agree with your assessment of the Irish situation, but there were supporters north and south of the border and in the UK (particularly in the west of Scotland). The Palestinians have faced an onslaught that has been allowed to continue unfettered by the west. Extremism breeds extreme reactions and we cannot ignore their plight, despite their voting mistakes - democracy or not...