Monday, 8 December 2008

I'm losing my perspicuity...

I am fuming over the censorship thing today, having written and re-written this post I am struggling to express just how furious this cheap-shot precedent makes me; and in how many ways it is one of the most breath taking acts of blind stupidity and state sponsored bullying ever... Of course supported by a self-appointed bunch of publicity seeking do-gooders, looking to increase their power and influence.

When I have calmed down, finished compiling my hitlist and found a way of conducting an impact analysis that will contribute positively to the debate I will return to this post - without sounding like a fuming idiot.

In the meantime, just ponder this; it is not about a now very old image (1976) of a pre-pubescent girl, taken with her guardian's permission and obviously a unique piece of album art, intentionally chosen for it's shock factor. There are after all thousands of similar images from classical art to modern manga.

However if you want the general (non-thinking) public to support unfettered government Internet censorship this image is a great target to choose; just publicise the censorship and ask them why shouldn't we ban this? Then ease us into a new era of darkness, and we can sleep soundly knowing that our government is "taking care of business" online:

By taking it all offline...

And another thing: Politicians and the IWF who obviously have such a poor understanding of the nature of the Internet and the 1000s of alternative ways of viewing this image have just encouraged the small number of sick puppies who "need to see" this image to seek out and add a copy to their collection. How did that help?

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