Monday, 8 December 2008

On a journey of discovery...

Part of my motivation in starting this blog was to explore my own feelings about politics and the burgeoning disconnect, confusion and dissatisfaction I felt towards traditional rightwing vs leftwing politics over the last few years. I was, as mentioned in a previous post, easily identified as a bit of a Marxist leftie in the past. Now many years on I was pretty amused to find my blog classed as an English Right Wing blog on the Total Politics blog list, but not at all upset...

I've recently discovered "Libertarian" and read with some interest this post by The Devil's Kitchen, finding myself in agreement with him and many other bloggers who self identify as Libertarian.

I decided to test myself on "The Political Compass" website, and lo and behold I guess I might have discovered that I'm a Libertarian, as you can see from the graph above - of course given my natural cynicism about online tests maybe I just wasted 5 minutes of my life.

Now the only dichotomy I need to resolve is my natural aversion to joining a gang!

Guess I can give up blogging now, him indoors will be glad!

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