Thursday, 18 December 2008

Panda fricassee anyone?

I hear that

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has backed plans to bring a pair of giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo.

Surely this is an outstanding example of diversionary tactics, akin to the magician in Little Britain insisting you "look into my eyes, not around the eyes".

Gordon, there are one or two other things I would like you to pay attention to that don't involve trying to save an animal which the head of the RSPB once referred to as "an evolutionary dead end". He went on to express his frustration at it's use by those who should know better as "a cutesy flagship symbol for conservation", finishing on the perfect flourish that if he could divert just a small percentage of the funds that have been spent on Panda conservation he would "happily eat the last surviving one".

Let's organise a campaign to offer a Chinese zoo the loan of Brown, Balls, Darling, Blears, Mandelson and all...

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