Monday, 15 December 2008

Scottish Waster

The more I stare at my research the hotter I get under the collar - cartoon like; steam is coming out of my ears and there is a whistling noise, much louder than my usual stress induced tinnitus.

Scottish Water, well to be precise its privileged exec and non exec members (who freely acquired previously publicly owned assets and were given tacit sanction to plunder their worth) have surpassed themselves. In an unashamed exploitation of the most basic of essentials, they continue to line their pockets at our expense, and it has to stop.

Now I have lived in Scotland for all of my life and feel secure in asserting that the one natural resource we have in abundance is water - from the Borders to Caithness the unique topology of Scotland ensures that this water is available in natural lochs and, if necessary, easily dammed glacial valleys.

Water treatment and disposal is also a relatively straightforward engineering process, and since the "Great Stink" in 19th century London, accepted as a necessary - easily cost justified through it's health benefits; particularly when offset against the alternative disease, suffering and death.

So why the hell are we on course to pay more £1,000,000 in bonuses and pension benefits between now and 2011, this on top of already generous remuneration packages, to those who are doing what one could simply interpret as the job they are paid for? To run a state owned water company.

And if they don't make bonus? Does that mean the rain stops falling, we let sewage back up on our streets and our lochs and shores became polluted? Is that the implicit threat if we don't pay bonuses, if so it sounds like hollow threats and extortion to me.

Really, just get rid of the exec and non-exec members and appoint a management team of technically competent professionals with a sense of civic duty, pay them a decent salary, and even a good pension. Scottish Water is not a commercial company forged in the white heat of competition and innovation, it is a necessary public utility, indeed the most necessary of them - and I resent its exploitation for individual personal financial gain, or should I say downright greed!

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