Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunshine on Leith...

So I got up this morning and despite the gales blowing off the North Sea, thought i'd go for a wander around Leith, my hometown. For those of you who don't know Edinburgh think Brighton = London-on-sea and Leith = Edinburgh-on-sea, just not quite as gentile.

It was an inspirational afternoon, with fast moving piebald skies and wind inspired mania best enjoyed with some Cullen Skink inside to warm your cockles and a stoic determination to make the most of the waning year; well wrapped up against all that mother nature can throw at you - the classic Scottish winter afternoon.

For a change I dragged my camera along, and thought I might share my pics with you.

Enjoy - and in the spirit of the 'net no reproduction limitations apply...

Have a great Xmas all..



  1. Evening Polaris.

    Nice pictures of sunny Leith you have posted. The one of the victorian swing bridge is of particular interest to me, lol it takes you right over to the flats i stay in and my cat often chases any other moggy that sets foot on it. My moggy is the king of Sandport.!! Have a nice Christmas..x

  2. Small world AMW, I live further up the Water of Leith, used to stay in Dock Place - before your flats were built!