Monday, 29 December 2008

They're havin' a larf...

As a regular recipient of Holyrood magazine, 'Scotland's leading political publication' I would like to get back to them with some constructive reader feedback.

Given the fact that they do not respond to posts or comments I guess I'm left with no option but to post it here.

So here goes:

Your magazine is a poor excuse for an insightful political publication that takes the establishment to task. A lightweight political journal of the most sycophantic editorial line; regurgitating press releases verbatim and offering virtually incomprehensible tracking information.

Did I see the editor kissing Jack McConnell or was it hugging Alex Salmond?

Depends who is the ruling party in Holyrood I guess.

As for the interviews, sigh!
I resent the 'girly' bonhomie (if that is actually possible, gender 'notwithstanding') that results in Alistair Campbell being a sex symbol and Nicola Sturgeon being reduced to a reproductive body clock - spare me please from media editorial women in positions of power that undermine generations of hard won equality milestones through reductive pre-feminist recidivism. Not to mention the annoying 'pretend' third party tone that the balsa light questions are couched in!

And another thing, why do they employ so many journalists (I thought periodicals employed writers?) to produce so little, about 22 issues per annum to be exact? I reckon the ex-editor could do that on his own and still hold down his job at the Sunday Herald...

And another thing - why is the design so shite? It's like trying to read the Beano with random column flow. Why are there so many typos? Why are the supplements (oh sorry 'Special Reports' à la Economist now) sold as a separate publication when they are bound in? Why are the sales people so downright shifty? Why are their predictable and lightweight conferences patronised by Ministers?

Well Scotland, stand and up and be counted, our foremost political publication with it's < 2000 subscribers is a disgrace, and a bit of a laugh - just as well we are so good at doing that, you know - laughing at ourselves. Mind you I suspect I suspect somebody at Holyrood magazine is laughing at us.

Guess i'll have to cancel my subscription, or perhaps not - the renewal is only £195.00, or is it £99.00 or £79.00? Who knows what it's worth? Nobody in Holyrood magazine that's for sure...

Of course I could read it on-line for nothing, but that's still too much.


  1. Nice one Polaris, the magazine is a rag - and the editorial line has been suspect for some time...

  2. Just been to the web site and it said, we have one guest online. Golly that's a popular site then.

  3. Well said polaris. I just want the issues to be dealt with in an even handed and non partisan way. If this guy is sucking up to Salmond or the SNP then it is NO good for democracy. I would complaint the same Labour.

    I can only sense it is a Scotsman/herald on a smaller scale and people have woken up proportionaly faster to it's raison detre.

    I rather suspect,given the facts you have posted above, tell me it is subsidised by all the pie eating bastards in the chambers and has too cosy up too all. Not a good space and hence it's readership exists of folk who need it when they run out of loo paper.

    Needs independent running and cast iron future too stop it feeling like it needs to tow the line and not bite the hand that feeds it.

    Merry Xmas

  4. What about all the Scottish Tories who support devolution as if their lives depended on it. Surely they twig that by supporting the Scottish Parliament - they could be opening up the way for the Scottish Nationalists to achieve their goal of independence?! Traitors!