Tuesday, 20 January 2009

All hail the President...

I sit here bewildered by the Obama coronation show in Washington.

There are so many things wrong with the commentary and speculation by mainstream media professionals, the general public and the assorted ill-informed celebrities wheeled out for a vox-pop.

BBC News 24's second by second sycophantic coverage just adds to the hysteria. The invaluable interviews with political experts such as June Sarpong and Will Smith and the orgasmic sightseers on Washington Mall add nothing to what is an important day for me personally, that is the demise of George W Bush.

The whole build up to this inauguration is astonishing; people just have to get over Barak - and perhaps his avid supporters should try to get their facts right:
  • Obama is just a man and a politician to boot, definitely not a god
  • This event is about a new President, not colour or race
  • You cannot have "Kenyan" blood, or any other kind of geographical blood
  • If there was a identifiable genetic trait in African leaders, it wouldn't be a good one...
  • Tomorrow will be no different for the poor, the oppressed, the dead and dying in the USA, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan or anywhere else on this planet
  • Barak Obama is not the descendant of a slave
  • Barak Obama is not the first black leader of a democracy
  • Barak Obama is not the natural inheritor of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King or any other figure in the US civil rights movement; his father was a black African man who left when he was 2 years old, his mum (a white American) married an Indonesian and he spent most of his childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii
  • Every young black American as of today has not automatically acquired the right nor opportunity to become the President, do the math - there have been 44 presidents since 1789. They could and they can, but the chances are slim, as they are for any other citizen
  • He will not magically put an end to discrimination. Any kind of difference inspires discrimination at the hands of the stupid and intolerant and there are still plenty of intolerant US citizens - they will not wake up tomorrow feeling any less inclined to be so
What are people so excited about?

I genuinely wish Barak Obama the best of luck, and I hope he improves the lot of his own battered country and puts an end to US foreign policy inspired savagery. But I can't help thinking that there are too many stupidly over optimistic evangelical supporters who are almost setting him up for a fall. He is just a man, a politician and hey, a smoker - he is human after all.

The blind belief, unjustifiable expectations and the virtual beatification of Barak Obama makes me uncomfortable, and reminds me more than a little of a story I read about an ordinary guy thrust into the limelight of adulation, a guy called Jesus Christ. I know many other commentators have already made this and similar observations, but no less valid is it for that.

Barak - watch out for anybody called Judas, in fact don't trust anybody - they all want a bit of you and in the main it's based on fantasy and a stellar detachment from realistic expectations of any one man.

Good luck President Obama...


  1. And, dare I say it "Hope springs eternal in the human breast".

    All things being equal he has got to be better than the muppet he replaced, surely?

  2. Clara love the new look blog, very high speck high tech. I agree with much of what you say regarding Obama but i think it was a wee bit extra something becouse of all the black rights movements back in the 60s. He might not be any better than the rest but they at least gave a black man a go at it.

    BTW i cant use my spell check, agrr.