Thursday, 22 January 2009

Do we ever learn? An anniversary...

On this day, January 22nd 1990 the geek legend 'rtm' (Robert Tappan Morris) gained immortality as he appeared in a US courtroom after his arrest for the damage caused by the release of the Morris worm, the first Internet worm. He was found guilty of -

Intentional access of Federal interest computers without authorization thereby preventing authorized access and causing a loss in excess of $1,000.00
and rewarded with 3 years probation, 400 hours of community service, a fine and costs for his intellectual curiosity, as he put it - "to gauge the size of the Internet". Pretty embarrassing for his Dad; Robert Morris, the former chief scientist at the NSA's National Computer Security Center.

That was 19 years ago, you'd like to think that the worlds largest software manufacturers would have got to grips with combating this sort of thing by now? After all Macs, Linux and Unix PC operating systems are pretty much immune to these attacks, by design.

But not Microsoft - Windoze users beware, should be an interesting 6 months - 9 million infected and counting...


  1. Microsoft see the internet as THEIR property. They have meddled around with so many international and logically thought out standards that we are increasingly receiving spam etc ,even from ourselves!(rfc meddling!)

    Why do they do this? to make it cheaper to program(why figure out a workaround or comply when you can steamroller?)to make their programs appear to work better(to ignorant users), to kill open source development dead.

    Wod ver CHOPS!

    how appropriate!

  2. sounds a bit of a loser to me what ever became of him?

  3. There are three computers in this house - my mac powerbook, my grand daughter's Toshiba laptop loaded with Ubuntu, and my grandson's Acer laptop loaded with Windows and thrown under a cabinet in disgust where it rests to this day.

  4. He's a professor at MiT now, unbelievable...

    I use Debian, BSD, have a much loved Powerbook G4 and a Windaes PC(with care) - no one operating systems should dominate. I hate Windows, well actually I don't it, but I do object to Microsoft's holier than though attitude and complete disregard for standards - what ever happened to NETBEUI, or POSIX compliance?

    Also got an iMac Blue Crystal and Apple PPC Server running Linux online.

    I remember when VAX wasn't a vacuum cleaner...