Saturday, 24 January 2009


I have mentioned before that I am a bit of a girl geek, I put it down to the fact that the first thing I ever saw on a colour TV was Star Trek. I still remember falling backwards in surprise as the Enterprise flew into shot in the opening titles and I realised it was in colour, and on the largest TV I had ever seen!

Around this time the other TV series I got hooked on was John Pertwee then Tom Baker's perfect Doctor(s) Who, often watched from behind the settee...

So this has got to be the best video mash-up ever, it's not new I know - but I have just found it, if this sounds like your kind of thing sit back and enjoy -


  1. That was bloody excellent. A great job Kelvington - well done. I have to agree Polaris - Tom Baker was the best - no contest.

  2. Glad u like it scunnert - I felt the same way! I would so love someone to pick up Kelvington's idea. How cool would that be?
    I might even switch on my TV for that one...