Monday, 12 January 2009

A "no employment recovery" looms

For the first time yesterday I heard commentators talking about a "no employment recovery" in the UK.

In the style of the Met Office I would like to warn you all of a Red extreme event (sic) , defined as "High risk of major damage to infrastructure and the environment. Casualties are possible".

"No employment recovery" is a curious and illogical phrase and it's recent appearance can only be seen as an attempt to warm us up for profligate use in the future. I can see this politically expedient phrase being used authoritatively and often over the next few years by financially inept politicians, those who got us neck deep in do-do, in an attempt to convince us that we are on the road to recovery and despite evidence to the contrary.

Bullshit alert ends - consider yourself warned


  1. who wants to work anyway f##k em i say been there dun that got the t shirt..if i have to do it again

  2. Well nikostratos that's one solution: if we all did that it would pose the politicians with a bit of a problem - Anarchy, and no bad thing...