Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gone with the wind

Thought it was about time I did a little retrospective on George W Bush, now that he has packed away his hunting trophies, toy box and plaid shirts and wound his way back to his Palladian southern mansion. Oh that quirky swaggering Southern Gentleman,with his distinctive drawl and ranch hand swagger, what are we going to do without you?

George dubya thank you:
  • For your contribution to English, the fact that we have coined a new phrase to describe your peculiar use of language is testament to you Mr Bushism - (I challenge you to read these and not laugh out loud)
  • For your commitment to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, aced that one didn't you? Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States, North Korea and Israel all still seem to have them though - could it be that they don't feel safe?
  • For 'The war on terror', an abstraction that has given permission to future campaigners and governments to wage war on any illogical abstract concept they fancy, from sitting to infinity.
  • The 400,000 people of Gaza would like to thank you. Those shiny hi-tech weapons you sent the Israeli's have really sorted out the over population problem in this tiny corral gifted by Israel not to mention the urban regeneration needs.
  • Israel would like to thank you for the unchecked use of your Military Industrial Complex and your ability to, diplomatically speaking, turn the other cheek whenever Israel is mentioned.
  • Al Quaeda would like to thank you for helping extend their influence and much improved recruitment figures. Before you there was just one deranged Saudi and his followers in a big cave whose only friends were the Taliban and a herd of goats.
  • The commuting population in London, Madrid and Glasgow, and the family of Jean Charles Menezes all thank you.
  • Airport users throughout the world, those paranoid security precautions are such fun - you just never know what items you packed will reach your destination.
  • A high five from Wall Street and the City of London, and the ranks of unemployed and homeless US citizens.
  • Barak Obama says thanks, because no matter what he does he cannot look worse than his predecessor.
I have just realised I could actually continue this blog for days, might come back to it...


  1. I still find it amazing the American people voted for him just Amazing.

    and they voted for him not in spite of him being an idiot but because he was an idiot.

    What i really detest about him and Cheney.Is they themselves were total craven cowards when the U.S.A was fighting in Vietnam.

    Although they considered themselves heroes when they asked others to go to war on their behalf.

  2. Hi Niko, some people will buy anything. Of course he did win the war his Daddy lost, and convinced the US population that Afghanisatn had something to do with 11/9, and Iraq with Al Quaeda and WMDs. Is there any yarn the right wing voters in the States wouldn't buy?

    BTW Hope you don't mind me abusing your blog for a debate with the GNATS last night...

  3. Not a problem with me Polaris.

    poor old Conan you slapped him silly he probably liked it.
    Get's lonely being the only Unionist on the block