Friday, 23 January 2009

Happy brithday Spud

Today is the birthday of Ewen Bremner (born 23 January 1972), the Edinburgh born actor probably best known for his portrayal of the kind-hearted Spud in Danny Boyle's film adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting.

Spud is probably best remembered for the hilarious job interview scene, where he and Renton are forced to go for an interview for the same job - one neither of them want.

The film was primarily an analysis of urban deprivation and the dependency culture, both heroin and alcohol, that dominated many parts of depression struck Edinburgh in the 1980s. It also touches on the theme of the lack of a real Scottish identity and the false prophets of both Unionism and romanticised Nationalism.

In 2009 we find ourself, as announced today, in the midst of a burgeoning recession. I studied in Edinburgh during the 1980s and witnessed the damage done by unemployment and a dependency culture; something I hope is never repeated.

Ewen has gone on to carve himself a successful career as an actor with 'something different' whilst retaining his distinctive national heritage, happy birthday...

And here's hoping that Edinburgh does not see a repeat of the sorry decline immortalised in the movie that launched his career.

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