Monday, 5 January 2009

Is the Middle East an insoluble problem?

Drunken Israeli Settler Threatens Film Crew

In a drunken racial tirade, an Israeli settler threatens a British film crew. The wild exchange has the settler cursing Jesus, threatening to kill the film crew and Palestinians.


  1. "Is the Middle East an insoluble problem? "

    Good question Clara, If it is left to Hamas and Israel to sort it out then the answer will have to be unfortunately no, however if some sort of UN buffer zone and direct intervention even limited hint of force from the UN might then it might just break the stalemate and find a solution

  2. Hey AMW, precisely. We need independent arbitration and a focus on the fact that a 1st world country is using it's military technological superiority against an imprisoned 3rd world enclave to kill it's women and children (45% of all deaths so far in Gaza).

    The UN are not acceptable to Israel or Hamas, so it needs some motivated Middle East and European countries to get together and formulate a solution, but I fear the USA will not allow this to happen - unless, dare I hope? The new President might contribute? Who knows...

  3. How exactly, do you change a 5,000 year old religion

  4. Thanks OH, yeah great example of modern Israelis with progressive attitudes in video. Exhibiting I suspect a much more prevalent attitude than most Israelis would care to admit.

    Israel & Palestine are a dog's breakfast, but the Israelis are in no way innocent. Even imbeciles understand you have to separate state and religion, don't they - it just leads to things like the Crusades, for example...