Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mind control is possible

Much to my regret I couldn't get to CES 2009, I love mega-exhibitions and have regularly attended CEBIT over the years - but CES is by reputation the most fun show there is. Check this out, OK it's just a toy but think of the potential if the technology is refined...

Perhaps one day we could send a small ball to the moon...


  1. Hi. I Have tried these and its nothing to do with brain waves only muscle reflex. One of my pals is a prof with his own brain lab and I know the kit and complexity of hooking it all up. And this is only using certain muscle areas instead of actually processing signals. The signals from the brain are so tiny and so varied they need to be fitted in a controled manner and aligned and calibrated precisely.

    As Ezee e would say "Dont believe the hype! d-d-dont believe the hype......!"

  2. I thought the science behind the "mind control" claims looked pretty questionable, but the hype is great.

    You've got to love American sales & marketing people...

    Aye it's all done on muscle movement, The real Brain snesor takes hours to calibrate it needs to done in 3 dimensional space, lots of contact gell and still you get a load of mixed signals.

    One interesting thing though talking to a prof friend, he said the yanks are experimenting with frequncies and allready have a device to make you move your arms legs etc, allthough it just the od flingy arm, its not controlled or you can be taken over(YET!)but still scarey stuff.