Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mr Moon, please don't look over your shoulder...

You can see them now - IDF leaders around a table discussing their plans to tighten the screw on the Palestinians by bombing the remaining UN relief agency installations within the Gaza strip - picture the scene:

In a brightly lit command and control bunker on the Gaza border, humming with activity and the crackle of RT traffic - a disjointed tinny commentary marking the progress of the IDF as their ground forces call for air support. The IDF's deadly march through Gaza is being orchestrated by a bank of tactical operators hunched over laptops. Two officers sit around a table, the subordinate officer (obviously 2iC through the lack of bling on his uniform and his relatively youthful pallor) is fully engaged in planning the next stages of the invasion. Maps are strewn across the table, the young officer referring to his PDA finishes marking up a map.

"That's it, we have all the locations macher, UNRWA were good enough to send us their coordinates - they actually believed we wanted them for their own protection. Tsss UN they're all schmendricks and goyin they are, and sympathisers with the Arab gonifs."

The senior officer studies the map of Gaza city handed to him by the young officer

"Did they comply with our request to keep their compound lights burning all night and hoist flags?"

"Yes macher"

"Oy oy oy, great we can send in the conscripts, none of those shmeggegies can read maps"

The young officer enquires tentatively

"What about the timing"

An immediate response follows, leaving 2iC in no doubt as to the significance of political considerations in this mission

"We'll wait till Ban ki-Moon is in the Middle East, that's the optimal time. We can close the curtains in the meeting room when he meets Tzipi Livni, and get Mossad onto a distraction - a puppet show, a young boy or a shaina maidel - whatever floats his boat. He's in Egypt first but they are so disorganised that their press are still trying to work out if there is a war in Gaza or if that drunken English footballer Gazza has signed for FC Ashdod"

he continues, smiling

"Apart from anything we've got to finish the UN in Gaza before that schvartzer Obama takes over, Bush is still being operated remotely by Ehud Barak. It's the simplest remote control I've ever seen, it has only two buttons - Dumb and Dumber"

2iC stands up, smiles and salutes smartly - and so it begins...

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