Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New austerity measures in USA...

After the IMF's revelations today regarding the financial position in the UK being comparatively poor, I thought I'd investigate further.

It looks as if the IMF have missed some significant indicators of austerity measures in the USA: the page below is from Amazon today - and clearly shows a taped second hand box, and the opportunity to buy used condoms ('2 used & new'), at a saving of 13 cents.

BTW, what do you use to clean a condom?

Shit, things ARE tough for our cousins on the other side of the pond...

(Click on the pic to enlarge)


  1. austerity measures

    i shall give up me chocy biscuits...
    Um..Umm..Err...Err..perhaps not

  2. Let's hope we don't have to give up new condoms though...

  3. polaris

    I am a eunuch...snip u know

  4. Niko,I don't think that means you are eunuch - just firing blanks. Eunuch is altogether much more messy...

  5. "What do you use to clean a condom?"

    A numpty's lying tongue?

  6. polaris

    i sense bitter nats about this night..Oh dear

  7. Yeuk scunnert.

    @ niko, yes the Nats seem to be keeping a low profile tonight... Not too much comment about the budget, well the lack of budget, no budget, dry run, betrayal thingy...

  8. No bitterness here Niko - I fully expected this budget to be voted down. The Greens think they're leveraging they're vote; the LibDems want to be players again; the Conservatives got what they thought was reasonable; while Labour want to force a vote of no confidence.

    It's all rather boring really.

    Checked out your link Clara thanks - I've seen this guy's stuff before - he's very good.