Monday, 12 January 2009

The New Year Blues

I find myself in a 2009, out of work, skint and pretty much browned off with everything - even my new found interest in blogging is waning. The new year blues have taken a hold...

This morning I decided a good bit of navel gazing as regards my blog was in order, and gazed I have:

A blog, on the face of it, seems to differ little from the vanity websites of yesteryear, or the open and closed Bulletin Boards and newsgroups which defined and often diminished public commentary on t'internet. So why blog?

Unlike many bloggers I've no desire to be a journalist, 'just as well' I hear.

I'm often accused by those who know me of being a frustrated politician or political commentator. So perhaps the blogging platform is a logical soapbox for these ambitions - but why should I indulge in the self delusion that anybody will be interested in what I have to say? I am not seeking political office, or to be involved in propping the political status quo as a researcher or communications professional.

Perhaps blogging is just about revenge, expressing as vituperatively as my good upbringing allows, frustration and rejection of all the wrongs (real or imagined) I see around me. Like some kind of bloggy-wonder-woman-avenger and righter of wrongs, I don't think so. As if any further confirmation was required I stuck my name into the Superhero name generator here and found that:
Your Superhero Name is The Ring Racer
Your Superpower is Abnormal Brain Function
Your Weakness is Sunlight
Your Weapon is Your Fire Army
Your Mode of Transportation is Hang Glider
Pretty definitively not the profile of an avenging blogger, and who am I to question an on-line generator? It's on the Internet, must be true, besides I would need to lose some weight before slipping into a super hero outfit

I think it's fair to say that I harbour pretty much widely accepted as 'outspoken opinions' on most things, and blogging isn't as cathartic as I thought, so what to do?

Sign on on Thursday, and tell the dole that I am seeking employment as a "Grumpy Old Woman" methinks...

And that's good enough reason to keep my blog going too!


  1. Definitely do not stop blogging, I find you funny, clever and interesting as well as having something in common with me.

  2. Thanks TS - means a lot to me.