Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pushers vs Users

Am I the only one that is constantly amazed by the pronouncements of the carbon obsessed environmentalist lobby aided and abetted by greedy bastards sitting on the sidelines? These vultures, denied their global finance related rip offs, are conspiring to use every conceivable opportunity to fill their boots to our cost, backed by their righteous and completely fucking questionable equation:

anthropogenic global warming = we must reduce carbon + we all need to pay more * DO NOT QUESTION IT

[Further recommend reading: Manhattan Declaration, “Global warming” is not a global crisis]

Cue breathtaking hypocrisy today:
Tony Hayward, Group Chief Executive, BP, United Kingdom, attended a session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, where he said "We need the world to put a price on carbon,".
Allow me to reply Mr Hayward

I am not willing to pay for my carbon emissions, first of all carbon is the fifth most abundant form of baryonic matter in the universe, and it's as much my universe as yours. Secondly I have no choice, what's the alternative?

By all means go ahead and set a new carbon price on top of the price you already charge us for your carbon based fuels, but you pay it - after all my carbon emissions are the residual components of the carbon based fuel I have already paid you for. So who produced the carbon?

How much profit has your company made from pushing hydrocarbon fuels? I'll tell you - billions and billions of dollars every quarter; obscene record breaking profit announcements from oil companies have been a regular fixture on the business pages for decades. You already know the cost of carbon - you produce it, you set the price and you sell it.

I think it's fair to say, in drug parlance, you are the pusher and I am the user who has no choice - a perfect arrangement for you. Your industry is directly responsible for the extraction and production of the fuels we use - you fucking fix it! If you believe anybody has to pay, it certainly shouldn't be us. For the last 100 years you have profited handsomely from your products, it was never in your interest to invest in alternatives or encourage your consumers to use less. Don't you see the eye-popping hypocrisy of carbon based fuel producers and greedy government exchequers, who have robbed us blind for decades, telling us now that we have to pay to sort a problem that may, or may not exist. As for your part in the unforgivable social engineering of collective guilt - give it up, the balance of guilt lies with you.

Tighten my belt and pay up? I know where I want to tighten my belt...

And that's as an ex-employee of British Petroleum!


  1. yeah1

    went outside run me car on tick over for 30mins just watched the fumes(((())))(cough,cough) go up into the atmosphere.

    Fu#k em yeah!

    Vive La France! Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and nuclear power

  2. Niko - should maybe get it tuned or something then. Oh Oh I know tear out the engine and replace it with holes in the floor a la Flintstones - it's your fault the planet is dying after all, not the guys that dig up the hydrocarbon rich fuels and sell them to us.

  3. With the now limited rubbish collections I'm now burning much of my waste instead of black bagging it.