Friday, 23 January 2009

The Saints are Coming

A seminal song by an astounding Scottish band, had the pleasure of meeting these guys a few times. Have spent the evening chillin', put my venom aside and just listening to music, thought I'd share a little, enjoy.

Stewart, still think of you often...


  1. Loved them back in the day and love them still. I finally dragged my scrawny ass along to T in the Park in 2007 to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn't that surprised when, not only did it not live up to my expectations, but I actually found it a bit shite! Lucky for me there were two shinng lights that brightened up the dull Ned filled debacle. Enter "Slam" stage right one Dizzy Rascal who was (much to my surprise) thoroughly entertaining and also the wonderful Skids. Jobson had a ball dancing around in his own unique style and pretty much behaving like a small child that had been given the go ahead to ransack a stadium sized sweetie shop. Of course Stuart Adamson wasn't there but his spirit and soul was plain to see. I only met him the once. A bunch of us went to watch East Stirling v The Pars back when both teams were way down in the lower reaches of the Scottish game. He was friendly and charming. He posed for pics and chatted away with us when he would have been perfectly within his rights to have told us to eff off and let him enjoy the match in peace. Long live The Skids.

  2. Saw them once, at the Music Hall, Aberdeen c. 1980.

    Wasn't so keen on their later stuff (Working for the Yankee Dollar etc), but a great band nonetheless and an original and distinctive sound.