Wednesday, 21 January 2009

They take our jobs, our liberty - can I leave mommy?

Source (published today at 09:30), 1.92 million unemployed at the end of November 2008 - and that's the figures calculated by the 'Government's preferred method', yeah the massaged ones that give the lowest total.

Other news...

The identity card consultation comes to a close soon, bet you had forgotten about that? The highest unemployment figures for a decade are convenient for Jacqui Smith though; the unemployed have no time for responding to consultations, they are just too busy undertaking their mandated 3 job seeking activities a week?! Anyhoo, why not take a little time to refresh yourself on just how pernicious this legislation is, then get yourself off here.

Mind you perhaps ID cards will prove useful for counting the actual number of unemployed, accurately, you know the real number of 'economically inactive' - I suspect that would be an even bigger distraction.


  1. look on the internet, Buy a newspaper phone a friend to ask if any positions at their company(Well have a chat)

    That's three no probs or as a friend told me he applys for jobs hundreds of miles away. And just puts he is willing to relocate what can they say he has tried.

    Gotta think out of the box.There being funny So you be funny

  2. Yup I can't see 3 "job seeking activities" being a challenge for anybody but the 1 Watt brigade...

  3. Our Jobcentrepluswithoutanyjobs was so busy yesterday with extra thousands of ex high street workers they issued bits of paper saying if you turn up a few minutes before your appointment time they will ask you to leave the building as there isn't enough room to deal with all the extra bodies. I didn't see the one eyed man there either the one who promised he'd be helping me out with all his new initiatives.