Monday, 9 February 2009

Boring conversation

From the The Scottish Government website - The introduction to 'A National Conversation':
Have your say

The Scottish Government is committed to bringing forward a referendum bill in 2010, offering the options of enhanced devolution and independence - but it will be the people of Scotland who decide Scotland's constitutional future. You can add your voice to the National Conversation here or pick up on points made by others

"We are aware - as we will always be - of the sovereignty of our people, that the decisions on Scotland's future lie ultimately with those living and working in Scotland - and with no-one else."
First Minister Alex Salmond
I know they are busy trying to stop the sky falling in, but why is it that the last Minister's blog to be updated was on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 by Finance Secretary John Swinney.

This is not exactly what is normally defined as a conversation, it looks as if our SNP ministers have run out of steam on this one. Dig a bit deeper and you will find that the public are still posting comments however if you try to view their posts as a thread [View all comments] you are rewarded with a 404 Error - not so much a conversation as shouting at an empty room.

Could it be that the SNP have lost interest in their flagship policy - in fact their raison d'etre?

Oh I do hope so...


  1. It's well known that the public are becoming increasingly disillusioned with politicians of all parties.

    Well, I just don't see how the Nats are ever going to stir up interest in a separation vote if it ever happens.

    Most people who do bother to vote will see it as like being asked to trade in life in a large detached house with everything one could want for an ex council flat which won't be properly maintained once the oil runs out, if you follow me.

  2. Master - I agree, talk about disconnect. The SNP appear to be on about the most popular of parties, but there appears to be zero interest in their principal policy.