Sunday, 1 February 2009

British jobs for British workers =

"Giving skills to British workers to get the jobs that were going to foreign workers"*


2 years on from the "British jobs for British workers" speech, Mr Brown claims what he meant is that it referred to training.

Really Gordon, really? I am sorry but that response is so illogical as to not be worth a splenetic outburst - by doing so I may be in danger in giving it some credence...

Oh fuck it, here goes -

I am calling you on this you worthless lying piece of shit; how dare you insult our intelligence? You ineffectual Darwinian insult, you are a fine example of a knuckle dragging throwback bully; a fuckwit of a mealy mouthed, illogical, incapable, incompetent, self serving waste of oxygen. You must be stopped before you lie your way out of your deserved comeuppance for everything you've broken and find some way of blaming the previous administration - by the way; we have your number on that and everything else too - most of us have sufficient 'training' to see you for what you are.

And that's off the top of my head.

Semantics = Bullshit & lies

(* Gordon Brown on the politics show - 1st February 2009)


  1. Polaris

    don't hold back you tell like it is.
    To be honest this issue is really piss#ng me off.

    The vast majority of people are only asking and expecting British workers having a fair share of the available jobs.

    Not every f###ing single one of them i use the term 'FAIR' as it is a quintessential British trait.

  2. I feel the same way Niko. I don't expect anything other than fairness - if the PM says British jobs for British Workers, that is pretty unequivocal. To go back on that when it doesn't happen just demonstrates his untrustworthiness and inability to deliver what he promises. I actually don't care what he promised - he knew he couldn't, didn't, then tried to deny it - with hindsight! Just for a pretty spin line. Prick

  3. Perhaps he was talking about "civic" Britishness. You know - the kind where anyone setting foot in the UK is automatically "British.

  4. Clara good article but that nose should be at least 10 feet longer!!

    Gordon Brown comes out with some fantastic soundbites but thats all they are, yip soundbites.

    If he is so on the side of British jobs for British workers then he would be condeming companies operating in the UK employing cheaper imports (people) than British ones. The guy is plonker with a big long nose, why ?