Monday, 23 February 2009

Broken Britian?

This must be read; a piece of splenetic beauty...


  1. Broken Britain, but she's been down before.
    Thank God for the blogosphere; but what's needed I think is some civil disobedience (in the nicest possible way) a tax revolt, a protest about the BBC's degradation, a custard pie in Gordon's gob maybe.
    A move to proportional voting ? Not our MMP system, it stinks, but Aussie's STP works and we'll adopt it one day...

  2. They have been rumbled, Councils are to be made to divulge to the public their outrages salaries and severence payments.(on par with the top bankers apparently) Perhaps this will explain why our towns and cities are falling apart through lack of investment.
    I am all for changing our system where the rich look after the rich.
    disillusioned citizen.