Friday, 27 February 2009

The honourable 646

You may have seen the Internet hoax email regarding our MPs; the one claiming unbelievable figures for bad behaviour such as spouse abuse and drink driving- unbelievable because it was just that - fiction. A similar email had previously circulated regarding the US and various European elected representatives.

So I thought, why not try to investigate the figures, the real figures on some of the most unbelievable statistics on our honourable representatives who pontificate long and hard over our bad behaviour, and who miss no opportunity to remind us how lucky we are to be subjects of this democracy when it suits them.

So in the style of the original message:
Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 640 employees and has the following employee statistics?
  • 521 of them are men
  • The lowest paid employee earns £63,291, plus expenses - The highest paid earns £194,250 and 9 of them benefit from the use of some of the classiest homes in the UK on a grace-and-favour basis
  • All employees benefit from a final salary pension scheme with a current accrual rate of 1/40th. It is a contributory pension with the contribution rate set at 10 per cent of salary. The pension is paid in full irrespective of length of service
  • 11 have been imprisoned since 1989 [FOI request 2009]
  • 6 more have been arrested for various offences [media meta-analysis]
  • More than 20 have been involved in serious allegations regarding expenses claims, but they have en-masse vetoed moves towards tightening up of rules or increased scrutiny of their expenses claims, which average in excess of £100,000 per annum - yes each! [media meta-analysis]
  • Only one has managed a 100% attendance record (Dennis 'the beast' Skinner), the average attendance since 1997 for all employees is around 65% [figures from Public Whip project, based on voting - there is no other available measure for attendance]
And finally to paraphrase the hoax email that inspired me:

It's the 646 members of the House of Commons, the same group that cranks out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us inline.
What a bunch of bastards we have running our country - it says it all. And just to top all that they probably have the best 'corporate' pension scheme in the country!!
If you agree that this is an appalling state of affairs, please pass it on to everyone you know. It's time to stand up to this lot !
There was some truth in that original hoax after all...


  1. Indeed, their all a bunch of slimey bastards, dealing with peoples wlife and death issues and treating it as one big vested interest. If parties insit on putting up the same ingrained candidates they should be boycotted. Time for a clear out of the commons i say.

    Word ver: pedial - They could be.....

  2. charter two jumbos for a taxpayer funded junket in the Bahamas. They'll near all go,

    Then crash them somewhere over the azores. (get the guts who did in David Kelly to arrange it)

    The wold would be a better place,

    And the best value tax pounds we'd ever spent

  3. Scotland has the answer - leave the union and start over.

    WV = sopier

  4. I've included this on my Subrosa's Super Seven this week. Good post.

  5. Hey all, I hoped I'd get more paydirt on them and am still looking at the register of members interests (another day perhaps). Don't ask me how the blog aversion therapy is going.

    Thanks for the scrummy Ainster fish supper Subrosa...

  6. You're doing well polaris, keep it up.