Friday, 13 February 2009

It's a conspiracy...

My other half gave me a dozen white roses and a box of chocolates today, something to do with some flaky canonised Catholic he reflected.

"I am not paying extra for red ones, I know you like these chocolates, but I'm not buying a card - it's a Hallmark conspiracy."

Ah, romance is still alive...

'Toon credit


  1. it isnt real in this house unless it's hand made.

    I neglect to tell her it is hand made but by a 3 year old in Bangladesh...

  2. Hi, Clara,
    Just had a little peek at your profile. The first line made me smile....I thought..
    1. Is it a real mistake?
    2. Is it a deliberate mistake?
    3. Is "slef" some old Scottish word?
    Excellent Blog.

  3. Hi Kippers, thank you for your kind words. Yes slef is a cheeky play on my part, thought it would help confirm my competence as an editor. A CrackerJack pen and pencil to you!