Thursday, 19 February 2009

NOT blogging

In keeping with my previous post from now on referred to as "Goodbye and thanks for all the pish", my pathetic attempt to wean myself off blogging continues. I don't think that my other half is convinced that by only posting other peoples content, rather than composing lengthy monologues, I am no longer a blogger.

So I am pleased to post, on this my now ex-blog, that I have found something that will actually keep me occupied elsewhere for a while: Debian Lenny and FreeBSD 7.1 CDs are now burnt and are calling to me across my sitting room, so I am off to build me two servers and attempt to get my business idea off the ground - I find myself unnaturally excited at the prospect of re-acquainiting myself with UNIX (ah the heady days of SCO vs Novell!), and of course having a look at the new Debian - Etch with a Graphical installer I believe, why?
foo:/ root# notblog
su: notblog: command not found
foo:/ root#
Oh fuck it, you gotta love shell jokes, I guess I am hooked on blogging then. I'll get off and build my servers and see you back here in say, 10?

Root here I come...


  1. With any addiction it is hard to go cold turkey..You know all the withdrawal pains. The shake's hallucinations mood swings and worse.

    You could try to distraction say when you get the urge to blog. First tidy the house or do the gardening,ironing. cooking a nice meal for your man washing up the pots and pans..

    This will both keep you busy doing ladys things and please your man.

    Alternatively you could fit an electric circuit to whatever offending behavior you have.
    Thus when you come into contact with said object a massive electric shock is administered.
    causing severe pain and an immediate cessation of the activity..

    I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Electric shock treatment as it did stop me masturbating..forthwith

    ha ha ha ha

  2. Hey Niko, you were cured of trumpet polishing? That's impressive! I am now wiring my blog to a 13amp outlet, and digging out the pinny and potato peeler.

    Yeah right!

  3. if you do wish to circumvent the Electric shock barrier. This can be done by the wearing of large industrial gloves.
    Large green rubber wellingtons and the wearing of a complete frogman's diving suit.

    Which is how i managed to do so... Although I have been banned from that particular Bus ever since..

  4. See you in 10 days Clara and god luck with your servers and stuff.

    Can you no take Niko away for ten days, he is a pain in the tits.


  5. AMW

    Why only ten days for Nikos?


    Relax, chill out and haste ye back!

  6. Niko you've got to tell me the name of the pills you're taking. They've certainly improved your mood don't you think.

    Clara, I'm so impressed with your technical abilities - well done.

    Now I shall go and read the EEN to see the latest labour propaganda before lunch but I expect there won't be much - isn't it a labour holiday this week?

  7. polaris
    Don't be fooled by the Blandishments from the Nat's they seek to seduce over to the dark side of 'Nationalism.'
    That way only leads to pain and heartache..

    They run me down but i was the only 'ONE' to dedicate a whole blog to you.
    With nice pic of (representation)of you with a bundle of sticks going of on your great adventure.

    Them lot only managed to make a few measly half hearted comments.

  8. Good luck Clara, remember the package manager.

    Sure I posted here earlier.

    A lot better than days of old.....

  9. Good point brownlie, make it ten weeks..

    Niko, your a snarling cow, moo moo moo