Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Same the world over...

At a time when the Australian PM 'Kev' Rudd is blaming either global warming or 'firebugs' for the recent tragic fires in Victoria - both righteous fear tactics employed for the purposes of avoiding any responsibility on his part, it was interesting to get a glimpse of what Australians really think. And just how uncomfortable the sight of the public expressing opinions contrary to their own makes their establishment.

Andrew Bolt reports a recent poll in Australia whose results were censored. Readers were asked - Is Global Warming to blame for the current heatwave in Australia?

The results:

1. Global warming is a myth (94.4%)
2. Yes (2.8%)
3. No (2.8%)

Number of voters: 15,451.

Despite the poll software having the usual protection against multiple voting, ABC claimed that the poll results had been 'rigged' as the reason for it's withdrawal. An assertion denied later.

Seems that we are not alone in our justified distrust of politicians and our mainstream media's complicity in the oppression of freedom of expression.

Same the world over? Too right mate...

Image courtesy of GoredEarth


  1. too right indeed! if it doesn´t go the way they want it to (most propaganda bang for their buck) everything´s rigged and unfair and the only resort is usually to sue. and if you can´t do that just start pointing fingers.

  2. Hey mike, welcome. Yup hate to sound like a conspiracy crank - but you've got to wonder why the mainstream media are reluctant to report the truth.

  3. Good one Rudy.

    The left/greenies have come in for a huge dose of flak after the Victoria bushfires, and particularly after green MP Bob Brown blamed climate change.
    I've posted on it all with references at

    (Greetings from NZ.)

  4. Greetings Ayrdale. Nice blog - thanks.