Monday, 16 February 2009

That's it for a while...

I've had it, I really have. I really have given up on politics; the behaviour of the political classes - our rulers - has pushed this well educated, productive social liberal to the edge of the cliff.

The more I learn the less I feel it is worth spending one picosecond of my precious life in pontificating over the car crash of a society our bloody handed political elite are responsible for creating. I find the contemptible oppression and exploitation of British subjects and the infantilisation of our once great society abhorrent in so many ways.

Politicians; devolved, central and local are tearing the heart out of what little humanity remains in an already oppressive and totalitarian system - if you do not see the defenestration of British society, if you are oblivious to it - or even worse feel you support one political party over another then I now find myself jealous of you, for I cannot find that equilibrium you have. In the past I would have happily laid into your content sleep walking kind - my carefully crafted venom and best debating techniques would have been deployed against you in the hope that perhaps I could motivate you to open your eyes and see the coming tsunami of misery.

There are many other bloggers, considerably more erudite than I out there. They constitute the "new-media" and together represent the last slender strand of free speech and sanity in this broken country. I know my limitations, I can neither express myself as well nor indeed construct and deploy as convincing arguments as them. I am a humble engineer, who learned to write reports and deliver scientific analysis, and I struggle to corral the language to express myself to my satisfaction and convincingly on abstract concepts, politics or matters of civic society - indeed convey just how the frustration of watching it ALL fall down around me is tearing my heart from my chest. Before I spontaneously combust at the corruption, indifference, exploitation and contempt I see all round, and for the sake of my own health I am going to take a little break from blogging.

So I am off for a little while; whilst I can I want to dedicate some of my precious time to setting up a new business, hopefully help in providing some employment for those around me that I respect and who find themselves likewise unemployed - and just indulge my passions, for the great outdoors, music, family and friends.

I wish you all the best of luck; particularly my followers and inspirational fellow bloggers. Devils Kitchen, Tom Paine, Old Holborn, Guido, Penguin, the Nat Pack and all of the bloggers on my blogroll - thank you, it's been a blast, but I fear a pointless blast into an empty room of infinite indifference.

See you all in hell, there's a great party there I hear...


  1. Best wishes and may your projects be successful.

  2. Ah! capitalist roadster then eh! well best of luck.

    Meanwhile the rest of us in the Gulag will keep on gulaging...

    Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

    Sun Tzu, the art of war

    He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Oh! me toe bone

    Deputy Dawg

  3. You are far, far too modest about your own prowess and ability to influence others. In the meantime good luck and haste ye back

  4. Naw - say it aint so Joe!

    Ach well - Ah ken how ye feel hen.


  5. Alrighty Clara, lol you remind me of the time Niko went Fishing. See in you in the Cameo and who knows i might even treat you a game on the little putting area out the back..
    Catch you soon. x

  6. thing i like about Polaris is she has no ego...doesn't want a job with a newspaper or politician.....just told us her view on the shit that's occurring........on a different note, isn't Iain Dale a cunt?....sell his soul for a bit of publicity himself if he was chocolate....tried to post on Nikos site but nothing that intentional?

  7. Thanks for your kind words all, even RT. I will be back soon, just need to take a break and sort out my priorities. I'll still drop into the blogosphere on a regular late night basis.

    Clara x

  8. Make sure you do Clara, although i have never met you, you seem a decent person with her head screwed on the right way..x

  9. stick in there pal - you write well....and with the alexander sisters to apologise for , we buddies have a ot of work still to do

  10. Good luck Clara

    Remember: use the package manager!