Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Hi all, I haven't heard from TractorStats as yet, but if you wish to make copies of his images for posterity - all of his work is online here.

As I understand it there are no use limitations, so save yourself a little bit of his Photoshop genius today...


  1. Many thanks polaris. Thoughtful of you.

  2. Bloody hell Clara im impressed. I have saved your Picasa web Album link to my favorites list.

    Good going girl x..

  3. TractorStats was a bad man and because of you he will have his fingernails pulled out tonight.

    sorry to say.

  4. Niko ?????
    Have you imprisoned him in your basement torture chamber?

  5. Paulitico

    you could say he is hanging around me blog

  6. Hi all, just back from the Waterfront (local pub). Niko - Paulitico is right your relationship with TS sounds interesting - Basement or hanging off your blog? I had a look at your blog and couldn't see him - just his headstone!

  7. sorry to be off topic here, but, polaris, ronnie scott´s looks (and sounds) excellent. next time i´m in london.
    while i´m here, i must say, quite an impressive photo album by tractorstats. i´ll be adding it to my resource list. thanks.