Friday, 13 March 2009

Competition time...

I've just booked my car in for an MOT, and as usual was left feeling somewhat patronised by the 5 foot Lynx perfumed spanner monkey, age 10, in dirty overalls who sucked his teeth when I told him the type of car I own, observing "we don't see many of those, and the parts urny cheap missus". I only want an MOT?

So I've decided to have a little competition, what do you think I'll be charged for an MOT on a well looked after 2004, low mileage Subaru Impreza? The closest guess wins the mechanics obviously unused bollocks, or some Lynx...

Was reminded of a classic Viz moment:
June Spears taken for a £6,322 ride by her local garage.

The largest bill for fictitious work carried out on a woman's car by garage mechanics was one of £6,322.88 charged by Joskin Bros Motors Ltd. of Stevenage, Herts. (GB). Calling in for a routine service on her one-year-old Peugeot 305, Mrs. June Spears agreed to pay for, amongst other things, new trumpets (£725), cracked gangle pin (£1,785), realignment of main glib shaft (£2,268), new grommets (£112), set of hexagonal tag nuts and dangleberry adapter (£35) and new piss-take valves (£120). No work was actually carried out on the car during the six weeks that it spent at the garage but 4000 miles were put on the clock and she later received a speeding summons from Italian police.


  1. Should just be the basic MOT charge polaris, isn't that £55 or something? I can't be bothered digging in the files to find my last bill.

    I suppose I should really because the MOT certificate will be there too.Auch what the hell, tax isn't due for another 2 months.

  2. Should be £50.35 max 2004 motor without any work needed.
    Perhaps a pre-mot might of told you more. Although the age of car suggests unlikely to have probs unless high mileage.

  3. Thanks Mr Mxy and Subrosa, I've never had the minimum charge in an MOT - I think they see me coming - "look it's a wummin way a decent car, let's see what we can get oot ay her".

  4. Having recovered from my extreme hissy fit of envy - I just love Subarus of any sort - & having had a couple of Subarus, I'd guess either £176 or £207.
    I'm curious to see what they do charge you.