Monday, 2 March 2009

In response to hubris

Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1803 - 1849), a writer and poet who is now pretty much forgotten was a revolutionary thinker; anti-establishment and an outspoken liberationist. He surely would have been a goth blogger if he were alive today. Here he succinctly debunked the self import of humanity and all we understand better than any other in these three lines:

Why what's the world and time? a fleeting thought
In the great meditating universe,
A brief parenthesis in chaos.

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  1. David Banner: [Opening titles showing flashbacks to the Pilot episode experiment and transformation] In each of us there lives a kind of beast... made of rage. Years ago i used science to study this beast... to bring him out of me. I used Gamma radiation to release him... but i used to much... far to much. Now the beast is out of my control... emerging whenever anger stikes. My name is David Banner... the world thinks i'm dead... i travel alone... i try to keep the beast caged within myself...