Monday, 2 March 2009

Naughty Nicola

I received the heads up on this one in an SNP members email from Colin Beattie with the subject line "SNP Sex Sensation", I thought it might be a nude photograph of Stewart Stevenson.

But alas I was disappointed to find attached a new painting of the "wild" MSP Nicola Sturgeon by Glasgow based French artist Laetitia Guilbaud, entitled Naughty Nicola.
"I wanted to show under the austerity of a politician, is a real woman of sexual attraction. I have seen Nicola many times on television. Many people may say she is a bit of a mouse with no sex appeal — but I see a wildness."

"I am sure she cracks the whip in Cabinet — as Alex Salmond probably can testify."
"She cracks the whip" - thats a euphemism, right? I am sure Peter would have something to say about that...

Note: Picture is actual size...


  1. Aye - she's a wee staoter so she is.

  2. 'A nude picture of Stewart Stevenson'? Polaris you're having serious blogging withdrawal symptoms and I suggest getting in touch with Derek Draper right away. He says he's a top physiotherapist and you never know, you could decide to vote labour.

  3. Why, oh why, oh why did he not do one of the cuty curvy Cathy?

    Stewart's got hidden talents and I hope he keeps them that way!

  4. When Nicola was on one of the current affairs programmes the other week (I think it was probably the Politics Show on at Sunday lunchtime) the interviewer showed her the illustration and asked her what she thought of it.

    Can't recall her exact reply, but she took it in good humour!