Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The peoples front of Judea

First of all I am no expert on the situation in Northern Ireland, I did however grow up in a small village west of Glasgow and have witnessed at first hand the Catholic vs Protestant religious animosity endemic in that society and mirrored across the short stretch of water that separates the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I have never understood the hatred cherished by Protestants towards Catholics, fully reciprocated on the other side - they are two splinter factions of the same supernatural believing fuckwittery aren't they? It's not like either side has some fundamental belief in a different book, god or messiah - it's pretty much a case of splitting hairs over managerial structure (or who holds power) as far as I can make it out.

So the Catholics are killing the Protestants in Northern Ireland, or should I correctly put it the Nationalists are killing indiscriminately any icon of the British state that they deem a target, justified through logic as twisted as the philosophical divide between Christian factions - and it looks quite possible that we are set to return to the illogical political and religious dissonance that existed prior to the start of the peace process.

The perpetrators are splinter factions of the IRA - the "Continuity" and the "Real", or to use a Life of Brian analogy - "The peoples front of Judea" and the "Judean peoples front" with a common enemy, in this case not the Romans, but us. Us the peaceful, and oft indifferent to the "Irish Question", subjects of the United Kingdom.

In the recent coverage of the shooting of a police officer I was astonished to hear of, again and again, local residents refusing to talk to the Police for fear that they will killed. The one thing I can assure anybody witholding information is that someone (else) will die as a result of your cowardice. Fuckin' hell we have initiatives in playgrounds to encourage children to report bullying - they get it, we would not hesitate to report an Islamic neighbour who was stockpiling bags of fertiliser in their garage - what is wrong with these people? Did they not enjoy the peace, stability and normality of the last decade - do they miss the 18 year old squaddie sticking an Armalite in their face at another random road block - do they remember the Omagh bombing in all of its indiscriminate horror? Where is their dearly held religious respect for life?

I give up;

Let's wave a fond farewell to Northern Ireland - I am not going back there, let's pull out the Army, Intelligence Services and call the Police back to barracks and let them solve the problem, themselves. I am embarrassed to think I am the same nationality as these cowards - and I don't just mean the gunmen...

Note: The picture shows the red Vauxhall Cavalier saloon containing the Omagh bomb. This photo was taken shortly before the explosion; the camera was found afterwards in the rubble.


  1. Does anyone know the background of some of the Sinn Fein members? heres a brief biog of one.. Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein junior minister and ex IRA bomber. He bleated on about truth and how the British must open up all their collective archives referenced to the Troubles. So here is the truth: 1973 jailed for his part in the Old Bailey bombing, hundreds injured and one man died from a heart attack, major player in the 1983 Maze breakout during which he shot a prison officer in the face, whilst another officer died, no TRUTH about how the weapons were smuggled in, on the run and finally arrested in an apartment in Amsterdam in which 100,000 rounds of ammunition, 14 rifles and 4 drums of nitro benzene, NO TRUTH about their ownership. So it really is a bit rich having to listen to the usual Sinn Fein/IRA propaganda about the role of the British government, the laying down of arms and the so called peace process. How does the saying go – Let him without sin cast the first stone.

  2. That is a heartbreaking photograph...
    Why indeed does the UK keep troops in Northern Ireland ?
    I am a kiwi, born in the UK, and cousins of mine have served with the army there, and all I can say is that troops are there because of the evil men who want to kill.
    What is needed is real leadership within the Irish community. Where are the voices of Irish celebrities, football stars etc ?
    There's never a shortage of hand wrinding anguish about humanitarian causes elsewhere. Why not stand up and be counted ?

  3. Hey nipple - I presume that is "Northern Irish Professional Person Living in Edinburgh/England" - you are absolutely right to bring to our attention that the masters in NI are perhaps involved - even now, perhaps their avowed discomfort with the new Intelligence regime was behind this?

    Ayrdale - it is indeed a heartbreaking photograph, I agree - it is beyond me why we retain troops in NI, but I think if they and the police took a hands off approach (turn the other cheek so to speak) the conflict would be quickly wound up by the UDA and UVF, with a lot of violence. Ironic that the Catholic community appear to be protected by the very people they indiscriminately kill.

  4. I see on your profile you love American fiction. So do I.
    "Machine Dreams" Jayne Anne Phillips is very very special...