Thursday, 12 March 2009

This is a rant, plain and simple...

Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Nationalists - I am embarrassed.

In a written answer on 9 Jul 2007 by John Swinney (Scottish National Party)

"The Scottish government is determined that Scotland can and will do better.

We want to make this country a wealthier and fairer, healthier and smarter place. The performance of Norway, Iceland and Ireland demonstrates exactly what we should aspire to in Scotland. These countries form an arc of prosperity that surrounds us, which proves that this is something we can achieve.

The policies we put in place will improve our performance giving Scotland a clear competitive edge and helping us achieve our overarching aim of strong sustainable economic growth.

Really John, really? John should know, he was a research officer for the Scottish Coal Project (1987-1988), a senior management consultant with Development Options (1988-1992), and a strategic planning principal with Scottish Amicable (1992-1997) before his leap into single issue campaigning politics courtesy of the SNP.

I want John and Alex Salmond to apologise to the UK as a whole; they were content to stand on the lines watching the demands for contrition being made of Gordon Brown without comment. In my opinion the time has come for the SNP to apologise, in particular you owe the liberal and left wing Scots who voted for and supported you, often against their natural revulsion of Nationalist politics.

Both Alex and John are products of the same banking system that leaves the UK tottering on the edge of financial calamity.

The English nationalists are making the MSM and the blogosphere extremely uncomfortable for all Scots - and they are entirely justified in their disapprobation of our Darien regime.

The one group who fail to accept this reality are the Scottish Nationalists who still believe tartan tat, whiskey, shortbread, oil and hydro/wind power will somehow guarantee a future wealthy tartan trimmed idyll bathing in the Northern Lights - if only we could shake off those nasty English, Welsh and Irish and go it alone.

Scottish Nationalists also tend to emphasise the financial benefits they believe we will garner from independence, in light of the collapse of our financial sector and the historical approval and involvement of SNP politicians this is starting to look a bit like endemic greed in the SNP rather than concern over what is best for Scotland - do you have to be greedy to be a Nationalist? It's beginning to look that way...

It is time wake up - Scotland is bust and if it wasn't for the Union the Nationalists so despise we would be queuing at soup kitchens, in debt to the IMF, have troops on the streets and would be, like our Icelandic cousins, trying to work out how to fish and farm again.

Scotland's financial sector is a laughing stock, a pathetic shadow of the prudent stereotype it once was. We did have a reputation for financial services, and we have turned that positive reputation 180 - to infamy, a financial sector that is a byword for calamitous greed and abject failure. So the next time a Nationalist drone tells me we would 'better off' as an independent nation - I warn you now; I will tear your fucking arms off and use them to beat your head to a bloody pulp...

Thank you


  1. Cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe etc

  2. 'better off' some well paced snp politicians and supporter's will be much! much! much! better off in an Independent Scotland.
    As Alex said "we didn't mind the economic side" not sure who he considers 'WE' are.

    Even a dodgy economist(and lets be honest Economics is not even considered a real science) like Alex has to know in his heart you can't have one without the other.

    Thats the thing that bovvers me about some Nat loons they would be quite happy to see their fellow Scots. Living like pigs in sh#t as long as they had a saltire on top.

    None of the nats ever answer when I ask what is the benefit of exchanging a brutal English overlord for a brutal Scottish one.

    It is the philosophy which is important to me and not the nationality.......

  3. John Swinney doesn't have to apologise. Are you saying John Swinney was responsible for the collapse of RBS and HBOS? Nonsense. Maybe you'll pin the collapse of KSFIoM on him too, well someone's got to get Gordon and Alistair off the hook haven't they.

    Finance comes under the banner of Westminster and after listening carefully to the various select committee interrogations over recent weeks, it's all to do with No 10 and No 11.

    Niko, your bit about changing an English overlord for a Scottish one. The answer is we, as a nation, would have elected the Scottish one. We as a nation don't have much influence on Westminster elections but of course without the labour MPs elected up here, labour would never be in power in Westminster.

  4. Subrosa - you miss the point, if GB should apologise so should Alex & John. The Nats are happy to call for Gordons head - screaming for his contrition, then as you do, you excuse the Financial collapse as global when criticism is aimed at the SNP, you can't have it both ways. All I ever hear from the growing band of Nats around me is elaboration on the financial benefits to Scotland - well where would we be now?

    @ Anonymong 13:00 - snappy comeback, a well thought out and cleverly put riposte, why the fuck did you bother? Prick

  5. You should wash your mouth out with that sort of language - maybe with some chilli oil!

  6. Oh well that's me told. I withdraw all I said, and in the face of a crushing defeat in debate with an anonymous commentator I can only surrender.


  7. I must admit polaris Anonymous did get the better of you,,he he he

  8. Did say it was a rant, expected more fall out than somebody unwilling to give their name - just how much conviction does that show?

  9. peaking of conviction just off to watch red riding reminds me of the old bill i used to know.....and fit me up

  10. Yeah, good old West Yorks constabulary - what a reputation in law enforcement, legends in their own lunchtime...

  11. great rant - mince conclusion

    a scittish socialisr republic would surely bury the bankers - north and south, snp, nulabour and tory?

    John swoinney and we Eck would be jutifuly engaged in re-education classes and ploughing fields somwhere above the west highland fault line - along with sir fred, sir george and oor gordy.

    Keep up the ranting

  12. Thanks Alan, I think the conclusion was simply that Nationalists shouldn't use the economic advantage argument - it's kinda washed out now - oh yeah and my threat of physical violence. Mince is good yeah?

    Of course I will not stand by, defend nor justify anything I say here - unless I feel I am inclined to do so...

    How you doing? Heard from Jim (Sproat) recently? Is he enjoying France?