Wednesday, 4 March 2009

We're special us - the window lickin' bastard cousins of the US

Special, of course we are...

Israel asks Bush to explain its 'special relationship' with U.S. to Obama

The Mumbai attack, many experts feel, is a "mujahideen" response to India´s special relationship with the U.S. and Israel.

Pakistan's "Special Relationship" with the U.S.
By Ayesha Jalal, professor of History, Tufts University; co-author of Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy.

If any European country is entitled to think it has a "special relationship" with the US, Italy has a strong case. Almost 16 million Italian emigrants live in the US, equivalent to a third of the population of Italy.

Other voices caution that hard-won experience and global realities compel Norway to continue its special relationship with the U.S.

Perhaps the best starting point is the so- called “special relationship” between Canada and the United States.

Qatar can reflect on its special relationship with the US.

Turkey simultaneously assuming the role of key regional player, building up new bilateral relationships with controversial neighbors, staying in tune with the EU, and maintaining its
special relationship with the US

"Tell us we special"

"Of course you are, where are you from again?"


  1. Oh Polaris, you are awful but I like you :) Sometimes what is more understood is the unsaid and you've conveyed that so well.

  2. Thank you subrosa - I felt it needed saying, but wanted to do it succinctly.

  3. Saw a Brit journo interviewing senators and congressmen re: the "special relationship". This was about thirty years ago on the Beeb. The universal response was ..."what special relationship?Apparently they had never heard of it???

  4. His pandering drop jawwed visit too the US had me feeling so dirty I was about to phone an abuse charity.

  5. Mmmm, don't know about a special relationship with Turkey. Now as a Kiwi would shape/form would ensue I wonder ?
    And "special" ? as in special olympics ?