Monday, 2 March 2009

Welsh jobs for Welsh workers

The interview at 07:09 on this morning's BBC Radio 4 Today program covered calls for financial support (bail out?) for employers by trade unions and the Federation of Small Business:
"Unions are urging ministers to set up a multi-billion pound fund to subsidise workers' wages in a bid to help British industry. The call comes as the Engineering Employers Federation predicts that over 140,000 manufacturing jobs will be lost this year. Stephen Alambritis, of the Federation of Small Businesses, and Welsh Assembly member John Griffiths discuss how the fund would work"
It transpires that the Welsh assembly are already doing this through financial support schemes for employers (ProAct) and those made redundant recently (ReAct). These initiatives offer real money to those who qualify - what I want to know is: where are the Scottish, English and NI equivalent schemes? Is it legal to offer this type of subsidy in one province (region, country - take your pick) and not in others?

I mentioned recently I spent a miserable couple of weeks talking to various government bodies, banks, Chamber of Commerce, FSB etc. regarding funding for a new business, with no success. I have now found a commercial partner, so why no government money outside Wales?

Joined up government - yeah right!


  1. Billions for banks who don't make anything.........And little or nothing for manufacturing which makes, sells, employs, exports...etc

    Cant work that one out bit too complex for me

  2. It's daft to prohibit governments from helping their own people. The EU is crap.