Friday, 13 March 2009

Yes you can save the world - eat a vegan...

I don't know if you've come across this website, but it's hard to describe my astonishment, no incredulity, no gobsmacked-ness - you get the idea; spluttering at the pretentious hubris and reaching for Roget.

So in keeping with their fine ideals I have started a group committing to eating a Vegan, just one a day - and yes your interpretation is valid Finbarr Saunders...

Sign up now
, and let's have some fun whilst saving Gaia - just like pork I'm told, and completely organic.

Edit 14/3/09 09:00: Surprise surprise my group has been removed, will come up with another over the weekend.


  1. All right I'm a starter, join up too to Climate Change denial is a Mental Disorder at Facebook.

  2. I wouldn't eat a vegan..... not enough meat on them

  3. How about Rest More, Exhale Less ?

    Shouldn't be too hard to attract lazy bastards to the cause...